Name and address supplied but withheld:

What a beautiful week of good weather, so as it was Valentine’s Day, we decided to take a cliff walk from Sandown to Shanklin, a walk we have not done since our son was small.

As soon as we arrived on the walk there was a distinct smell of dog defecation, then it soon became a matter of watching each step, as the entire area was one long dog toilet.

We passed a few mothers with prams who told us ‘it is always like this’.

It was all over the path and the grass, I have never, ever seen an area like it, on such a gorgeous day the smell was over powering.

It was not a matter of one or two, but many, sometimes only a metre apart.

There are many benches along the walk dedicated to loved ones, nobody was sitting on them. There are dog bins in the area, so there is no excuse.

This walk is one of our Island treasures, so why abuse it. Dog owners please take a bag with you and pick up after your pet. Thank you.