CHEEKY 90s Scouse outfit Space will be heading to the Isle of Wight in August to perform at Jack Up The Summer’s 90s Day.

Space have sold over 5 million records worldwide with albums including 'Spiders', ‘Tin Planet’ and ‘Suburban Rock and Roll’, along with ten top 40 singles and a host of other single releases to date.

It was not until the release of their single, ‘Female of the Species’ in 1996 that they achieved popular acclaim.

The song's distinctive style and lyrics led to it being used in TV and film.

Space also recorded ‘The Ballard of Tom Jones’ with Cerys Matthews, lead singer of the band Catatonia, which was released in 1998.

Organisers said: “We are delighted to be re-uniting Space with their close friends from 90s pop-punk band Republica at this year’s Jack Up The Summer.

"As part of their joint 20th anniversary celebrations, Space embarked upon a tour in 2014 alongside the iconic act.

"The tour included performances in Dubai, Israel and Germany. We’re now recreating that hugely successful sell-out partnership and bringing it to audiences on the Isle of Wight.

"The two bands will be appearing live on stage together with not one but two of the biggest boy bands of the 1990s — East 17 and 911 — on Sunday, August 11, with more great names still to be announced.”

The melodic core of Space's sound is inspired by 1960s guitar groups such as The Kinks and The Who, which got them labelled as part of the Brit-pop movement.

However their imaginative, pioneering usage of electronic instruments and sampling draws influences as diverse as post-punk, ska, techno, hip hop, lounge music, easy listening and vintage film soundtracks.

Each member of the group has wildly different tastes in music, which they bring to the fore of their work. The band have also became known for their deliberately tongue-in-cheek, sometimes dark humoured lyrics, which frequently dealt with challenging topics.

Space continue to write gritty edgy pop songs that capture the imagination of the listener, with their latest album ‘Give Me Your Future’ having been released in December 2017.