From Cllr R. Packham, East Cowes:

I read with interest the letter from Mrs Wardrop (CP, 08-02-19) and this was my question to the informal Isle of Wight Council cabinet: Why did the Isle of Wight Council borrow £19 million from the government and spend the money in Manchester and Kent?

This money should have been spent on the Island.

My supplementary question to the deputy leader was what guarantee have you got the Isle of Wight Council will make a profit?

I am very concerned with his answer as he said the Isle of Wight Council would expect to earn £3 to £4 million net per year after repayment, if it were able to invest the full £100 million as planned.

The real problem is the Isle of Wight does not receive enough money from the government.

The government is now spending millions of pounds on a no-deal Brexit, which could have been spent on the NHS, schools and social security.