From Lesley Hampshire, Shanklin:

I feel very sorry for Neil Hilson who has such angry-sounding neighbours (Garden grabbing row, CP, 01-02-19).

All he wanted was a bit more garden so, quite reasonably, he fenced off some of the land next door.

No one seemed to notice but now he wants to build there, everyone is getting wound up.

I think we should follow his example. Those of us living next to public open spaces or nature reserves will have it easy.

If anyone asks, just say you’d like a bit more land to grow vegetables, then wait a few years and put in a planning application.

By that time, with Adverse Possession, the land will be legally yours anyway so no problem — we all know more houses are needed.

With luck, Batts Copse can become a select residential area of executive homes or a desirable mews and I’m sure we can find ways of fencing off Big Mead too.  Since enterprising Mr Hilson has set an example, all we have to do is claim a precedent and we’re home and dry.

And if you’re worried about loss of wildlife habitat and green space, just salve your conscience by building the odd affordable home.

After all, it’s making money that really counts, isn’t it?