From Neil, Gill, Robert and Leanne Clark, Newport:

Following the recent spell of heavy snow, our 18-year-old daughter, Leanne, might have been stranded on the mainland if it was not for the exceptional kindness of a member of the Wightlink cleaning staff at Lymington.

Leanne was on her way home from Plymouth University and was waiting at Lymington for the 9.05pm ferry.

Unfortunately, due to the severe weather conditions it was cancelled and, as there were no other sailings, she might have been stranded with no hotels nearby or transport to take her from the terminal.

Staff suggested she catch the Fastcat service from Portsmouth, but there were no taxis available.

On hearing of her predicament, a Wightlink cleaning staff member called Faye (we do not know her surname), who lived in Portsmouth, offered to take Leanne to the ferry terminal.

Faye managed to drive safely to Portsmouth and stayed with Leanne to ensure she could catch the Fastcat.

She also kept us informed regularly by phoning us on her mobile to reassure us Leanne would not be left on her own.

Unfortunately, the Fastcat service was also cancelled due to the weather, which meant the only service available was the midnight  car ferry.

Only when it was confirmed this service would be running did Faye leave Leanne in the care of Wightlink staff at Portsmouth and also arranged to charge her mobile phone so she could keep in touch with her mum and dad.

Fortunately, we were able to drive with great difficulty on slippery snow-covered roads to Fishbourne and awaited her arrival at 12.40am.

We feel Faye was absolutely brilliant and she deserves not just recognition from us as worried parents, but also from Wightlink for going out of her way to help our daughter.

We have contacted chief executive, Keith Greenfield, about this extraordinary lady and how she went way beyond the call of duty to help Leanne and we will be sending our thanks to her personally.

As far as we are concerned Faye is the Angel of Wightlink.