From Mandy Gibbins, Shanklin:

Here is a suggestion to sort out the problem of people in hospital not yet ready for home, who sometimes, due to lack of help and support there, are soon readmitted.

The Isle of Wight Council has been offered the unused prison by HMP for £1 — instead of considering selling it for a ‘fast buck’ to a profiteering developer (another housing estate with more people to use the stretched hospital) it would be better for all if the council joined forces with the NHS (and government agencies) to provide Camp Hill Convalescent and Recuperation Centre.

Upgrade the existing building to provide bedrooms and common spaces for recovering patients yet still close enough to the hospital for follow-up treatment and medical staff to attend if necessary eg doctors’ or physiotherapists’ visits.

As the patients improve and gain strength, they will be helpful to each other and provide companionship.

With staff on hand to encourage practical progress and the combination of confidence and independence returning, quicker discharge will result.

I’m sure the exercise yard could be transformed into a peaceful garden to aid recuperation and expect local volunteers and charities would be more than willing to help the project generally.

A win/win scenario surely?