A FILM partially set on the Isle of Wight and starring several local actors, is currently doing the rounds at film festivals.

More than 18 Isle of Wight locations or properties were filmed in the making of The Desert River, a film by Braam Ackermann.

The film follows a Royal Navy officer's battle with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after being kidnapped while serving in The Gulf, and the journey he ultimately takes to recovery.

Two of the film's biggest roles went to Island actors Lois Temel and Cliff Dutton, with appearances from Liam Finch, Rollo Little, Esther Toogood, Macy Toogood, Jude Toogood, Graham Pountney, Laura Holme, Derren Holme, James Stenson and Kevin Chance.

The locations and Island cast members were provided by Island People Agency.

Dadina Sagger, of Island People Agency, said: "We are so excited that yet another film came to the Island, to use it as a location and also to cast some great roles from the agency.

"There is so much talent on the Island and this film gave our actors great opportunities to be cast, from children to adults. When filming on the Island they also used extras from us too, so it was very exciting to be involved."

There is expected to be an Isle of Wight premiere.