From Cllr Charles Chapman, Ryde:

I am alarmed at the Isle of Wight Council decision to veto support for Ryde Business Association.

I fear the balance of occupancies of our shops is slowly tipping downwards.

On June 6, the Bank of Santander will close and this will be a great loss to the town.

Often people who come in to visit the bank and use the cash machine will patronise other businesses in the precinct, such as clothes shops, the greengrocer, bakers and coffee shops to name but a few.

I believe we must do more to support our existing traders.

I was one of the councillors who fought for the £9.2 million regeneration.

As a matter of urgency, I, as others, would like to see the current regeneration team bring forward the precinct scheme to make the area more acceptable and inviting, this will encourage more business people to take up the empty shops and attract additional inward investment to our town as a whole.