A FLASHER, who was caught on a public footpath, naked, with a dog toy, Vaseline, ladies underwear and a pornographic magazine, appeared at Isle of Wight Crown Court yesterday (Friday).

Simon Powell, 44, of Terrace Road, Newport, admitted eight counts of exposure under the sexual offences act.

Six of those offences took place on a footpath between Newport and Shide, one took place in a church yard on St John's Road, Newport, and one took place at Bignor Place, Newport.

Among those who witnessed Powell exposing himself were a mother with her child, a pensioner and a dog walker, the court heard.

Powell admitted to police that he got a sexual thrill from being outside naked.

For Powell, Elisabeth Bussey-Jones said her client needed therapy and counselling and said he had lost his job because of this offence.

Judge Roger Hetherington said: "This sort of display by you is very upsetting to those who witness it and has left them shaken up.

"Plainly, there are psychological problems behind this and you should seek help for that.

"This must not reoccur. If it does, you will be at risk of a prison sentence."

Powell was given a community order of 12 months with up to 30 rehabilitation days.