From Colin Greene, Cowes:

I attended the Isle of Wight Council’s board presentation at Medina Theatre last Wednesday.

The question of social support was raised and the leader, Cllr Dave Stewart, claimed they have ‘adequate measures in place’.

It’s vital when our councillors believe they are fulfilling their role — and they gave a convincing pledge — that we, the public, report all occurrences where they fail.

The board thinks it is doing ‘a good job’, I would challenge that position.

For instance, spending money chasing parent fines with huge legal costs; the Floaty — Cllr Ian Ward said they were not “over spent” (by £3.2 million) and “you have to expect certain costs because it was a prototype”— that was a surprise; Newport parking charges that were not thought through. It was a shame, but not a surprise, I was only one of 15 members of the public to attend (12 last year).

Many think the council has lost public confidence, so let’s settle the debate critically, but fairly, and force a more open and considered debate. If ‘they’ have done wrong, shame them, but equally praise when they get it right.