From Julian Critchley, IW Labour Party, chair, Ryde:

IT SEEMS it’s not just the Tories in Westminster who are currently living in a fantasy world, but our own local Tories too.

I refer to Isle of Wight Council leader Dave Stewart’s column (CP, 25-01-19).

We have:

500 children without their own homes on the island.

Thousands of families having to use food banks.

Hospital services being cut from St Marys and sick people forced to travel to the mainland.

Cuts to services for vulnerable children and adults on the island.

Reductions in available police officers on the island.

Handing our fire service to Hampshire.

The floating bridge.

Big rises in council tax — paying more tax for worse services.

And all this has been done while pursuing an undemocratic set-up at County Hall to prevent adequate scrutiny of decisions.

This weird attempt to blow their own trumpet will go down very badly with islanders on the receiving end of Tory incompetence and cruelty.