From B. Green, Freshwater:

Graham Lascelles’s letter had some interesting perspectives (CP, 25-01-19). Repeating the same phrase, ‘a damaging no-deal’, reminds me of the Brexiteers’ mantra of ‘project fear’, a phrase repeated often enough and loud enough that many people believed it to be true.

One hardly ever hears this now; maybe because ‘project fear’ has morphed into ‘project reality’ and experts have regained their credibility. 

I also enjoyed his analogy about him leaving his parents’ home. A more accurate example would be buying another house and moving.

One sees another property and likes it enough to put an offer in on it, thereby commencing the purchase. Before going through with it though, one would get a number of surveys and assessments as to the suitability and pitfalls of the property.

When you have all the results and there are too many potential problems it would be foolhardy to continue. To make a legal commitment before this information is available would also be irresponsible, which is exactly what the government have done with Brexit.