From Glenn Koppany, chairman of Islanders for Europe, Ryde:

I URGE our MP, Robert Seely, to use caution in the language he chooses when talking publicly about current events concerning Britain’s membership of the European Union.

I refer particularly to his recent article in The Guardian and to various tweets.

An unfortunate consequence of ‘Brexit’ has been a rise in intolerance and abuse towards sections of our communities by small but dangerous groups.

There have also been several high-profile incidents involving MPs.

People look to those in power to set an example at these difficult times, not to stir up trouble and division and it has to be said Mr Seely is not setting a good example.

Personal attacks against fellow MPs and accusations of elitism and revolt give a green light to those who are prepared to use violence.

These are difficult times when feelings are running high but showing respect for all involved, whether they agree with you or not, is an absolute must.

Surely that is truly what it means to be British?