From Steve Parkes, Totland:

Sally-Ann Rudge can set her mind at rest regarding so-called ‘chemtrails’ (CP, 18-01-19).

I’ve been watching contrails (condensation trails) since I was a child  in the 1950s, when commercial jet aircraft were rather rare and chemtrails hadn’t been dreamt up: they looked exactly the same as they do today.

Jet fuel (kerosene) is made up of carbon-hydrogen molecules; when it burns it produces carbon dioxide and water.

If the air is cold enough, the water condenses into clouds of droplets, exactly like your breath does in chilly weather.

At the heights jets fly, several miles up, the temperature, humidity and wind can vary greatly, which is why contrails can look so very different: lasting for hours or only seconds, or not even appearing at all.

And as the clouds of droplets spread out they can be smeared by fast-moving winds in higher or lower layers of air.

Aircraft flying in different directions have to fly at widely-spaced heights for safety reasons, and the different conditions at these heights can give rise to very different-looking contrails appearing in the sky at the same time.

But consider the supposed conspiracy involving tens of thousands of people needed to manufacture, distribute, store and install those supposed chemicals, not to mention the designers and engineers responsible for the equipment needed to spray them from the aeroplanes!

It would only require one person to blow the whistle, wouldn’t it?

No, it’s just a silly notion invented by nervous and ignorant people.