From Allan Blackburn, Cowes:

Regarding South Coast Leisure’s plans to demolish a perfectly good sports ground (Newport Football Club, CP 21-12-18)

Why, with all their business skills and Mr Wakes’s negotiating skills, could they not, with help from the FA and Sport England, upgrade the present ground and make it an asset for the community for the future, as opposed to having another retail park?

If rumours are right, it will include another fast-food outlet of the sort the current Conservative government is trying to stop the spread of.

It will also mean all-night lighting, so more light pollution.

As for the carrot of possibly up to 200 jobs and free parking, the car park would fill up with staff and people working in town.

Perhaps a better use of the site, if the club must go, would be for housing.

I’m surprised there are not more comments on the planning website, or is this the normal apathy from Islanders?