From Sally-Ann Rudge, Calbourne:

Being confined to a wheelchair, I spend a lot of time looking up.

Over the years I have come to realise that airplane trails are different.

I see the passenger jets flying over and their trails disappear very quickly but there are other trails that stay for a long time in the sky.

I started to investigate and normal airplane trails are harmless con trails, but these others, I have learnt, are called chem trails. So what are these chem trails?

They are chemicals being sprayed from the aircraft, some of which are barium, boron and aluminium. These chemicals have been found in rainwater collected in New Zealand; barium should not be in rainwater at all.

Another toxin found in high levels where chem trailing is occurring is in Australian rainwater and it is arsenic.

It is not only happening there but all over the world. Why would they be contaminating our world with these chemicals?

Is it for weather manipulation? Is this the real reason for climate change?

Maybe we need to send a sample of our rainwater to be tested after these chem trails have been sprayed over our Island. What have other readers to say about this?