From Hilary Webster, Northwood:

Now that conditional approval has been given for a housing estate to be built on farm and pasture land directly behind the south side of Oxford Street, Northwood, it is obviously just a matter of time before this becomes a fait accompli.

Does the Isle of Wight planning committee intend to join every village to the nearest available town? Despite many objections from all over the Island about similar proposals, they plough ahead regardless. Northwood and Gurnard are already practically joined, becoming a suburb of Cowes. Now, it seems, our unfit-for-purpose planning committee is starting the process of joining us to Newport.

What next, one might wonder? One huge town encompassing Cowes and Newport?

This is not NIMBYism. These will not be affordable houses for local people, but another example of a mainland firm making a huge amount of money again. No-one objects to a few new houses in each village but our inept council seem intent on destroying village life and allowing green spaces to be a thing of the past.

I think it is high time for a judicial review to look at the decisions being made regarding planning applications.