From Joan Hall, Gurnard:

Now I know why I can’t park my car at the Park and Ride in Somerton.

For quite some time now I haven’t been able to park. I have hospital, doctor and dentist appointments. I like to pop over to Southampton occasionally or have lunch in Newport with friends.

I understood park and ride was built for…Park and Ride, to keep your car out of congested Newport. It is so upsetting to arrive to park the car to find no spaces at any time of the morning or afternoon.

Then, I read in the local clubs and societies column in the CP (14-12-18) “Cowes men in sheds open to anyone over 18+  free membership and free parking at the Park and Ride.”  This cannot be right, surely?

I am very happy to hear of men in sheds, I think it is an excellent idea.

Men can be very unsociable, I am sure this is bringing many lonely men together.

I don’t want to be unkind about them parking, but Park and Ride was built at Somerton so we could literally park and ride.

Please can the powers that be have a rethink, or perhaps tell me what I can do with my car that needs to find a parking space so I can attend appointments where ever I need to go.

I know there are many, like me, who feel upset and a few who are getting very angry at this situation.

Who actually thought it was a good idea for the men to park there?