MEET the Wight Knight — the Island's very own superhero.

Our Wight Knight in black and blue armour is a real life superhero aiming to patrol Isle of Wight neighbourhoods and minimise trouble on the streets.

The Newport man, who wishes to remain incognito, said: "I'm just on the lookout for anything I can report and will try and de-escalate problems I come across.

"I'll be doing public outreach at the Pop-Up Soup Kitchen, Aspire Ryde and the Salvation Army, and will be organising litter picks and assisting people in need."

Alongside patrols, which he aims to complete in the major Isle of Wight towns, the Wight Knight searches social media for inappropriate or illegal material.

The ex-security doorman said: "I've managed to take down two child pornography sites on Instagram by reporting them.

"I also found a page that Isle of Wight young people were using to arrange fights. It's like a fight club that rotates round the Island. Now, their organisation page has been taken down."

The Wight Knight, who is in his 20s to 30s, said he got the idea for his superhero when he saw pictures from the recent Island Con. He said it seemed 'awesome to do that everyday'.

He found the RLSH — a real life superhero alliance popular in the US, London and Liverpool — and his dream became reality.

His costume is based on motorcycle armour and helmets, and he says he has a bullet and stab proof vest for when he is out on patrol.

The black and blue armoured costume even made some young girls stop throwing stones while he was on a Ventnor patrol — because they thought he was a ninja.

The Wight Knight's young daughter is part of his inspiration for the role.

"I don't want her growing up in a community with trouble like we have been experiencing lately," he said. "I want to inspire people to help and look out for each other in the community."

You can contact the Wight Knight at and follow his adventures on his Instagram page @thewightknightiow or on Facebook at Wight Knight Iow Rlsh.