From Peter Jones, Shanklin:

Our MP, Bob Seely’s Brexit stance perfectly epitomises the problem Islanders face.

It’s clear to most of us that a group of people has somehow stolen our democracy.

The EU is an anti-democratic institution. They are refreshingly honest about that at least.

So, 62 per cent of us suggest to Bob we don’t want to be ruled in any way by the EU but Bob isn’t listening.

He’s not even toeing the party line because most of his Conservative  colleagues hate the withdrawal plan too.

It may also be illegal but even that doesn’t appear to steer Bob away from it.

So, who is Bob speaking for?

 It can’t be us. It can’t even be his party. And he can’t be speaking for the country because he’s effectively supporting the pernicious dismantling our parliamentary democracy for which many people, soldiers like him, gave their lives.

Bob please hear this!

Democracy is all we have!

A democracy is a place where the little guy (that’s us) can vote down a tyrant.

That’s what we did Bob!

We voted down a tyrant!

We did it using our only weapon, our democratic right!

So, you’re either with us, against the tyrant, or you are, perhaps, working for the tyrant.

Please decide which it is before your voters decide for you and we lose a quite outstanding MP.