GRAZING his left hand when cleaning his fishpond led to a retired carpenter and joiner contracting sepsis and later dying from multiple organ failure, an inquest was told.

Leslie Richards, 83, of Millfield Avenue, East Cowes, died at St Mary's Hospital on September 9 last year.

He suffered from leukaemia and his immune system was compromised, meaning his body could not fight off infection.

The inquest was told Mr Richards cut his hand and was admitted to St Mary's accident and emergency unit 'crying with pain', according to his sister.

He was treated with antibiotics and sent home, but was re-admitted and given morphine to treat the pain when it did not subside.

At home, he was still in a bad way and declared he wanted to 'cut his hand off'. Eventually, an ambulance was called and he was rushed to hospital where he died.

Two weeks earlier, he had cut his right hand which had also become inflamed and hot.

He was treated by antibiotics for that injury.

Coroner Caroline Sumeray concluded Mr Richards had died because of his inability to fight off infection after suffering a graze to his hand.