SMASHED glass and crockery, rubbish strewn everywhere and walls streaked with blood — this was the shocking scene after a fox snuck into a kitchen looking for food and cut its paw.

After letting out his dog and leaving the back door open last Wednesday morning (January 2), Malcolm Gerrard, of St John's Wood Road, Ryde, was startled by a loud crash.

He was shocked to find a fox had not only walked in, apparently looking for something to eat, but had wrecked his kitchen.

Adding injury to insult, the fox then bit his hand — for which Malcolm needed a tetanus shot.

Painter and decorator Malcolm, 58, said the kitchen looked like 'a crime scene.'

He said: "He'd cut his paw and there was blood everywhere.

"He'd jumped up onto the kitchen units and smashed everything, it was absolute chaos.

"I think the dog must have spooked him, because he wouldn't go back out the door.

"He can't have been too badly hurt because he was running around the house."

Worried the fox would knock his computer to the floor, Malcolm tried to shoo him away — only for it to turn around and bite him.

After calling the RSPCA, the charity's animal experts came to collect the fox.

He was taken to a vet, where his paw was stitched up, and returned to Malcolm's garden.

"They brought him back because his den must be nearby," said Malcolm.

"I asked if he would come back looking for food but they said it was unlikely. Foxes aren't stupid, he's not going to try that again.

"I've never heard of a fox coming into someone's kitchen like that — they must be getting more bold!"