From S. Temple, Whippingham:

Folly Lane should be re-named Crater Lane.

This lane is seriously becoming a danger to all who have the misfortune to use it, namely, the residents of Medina Park.

The holes in the road, if that’s what you can call it, are being exacerbated by the large, heavy lorries that go to the Folly Inn for rubbish and deliveries.

There have been articulated lorries going to the new home that is being built on Folly Lane, and these have also caused damage to the speed bumps.

On one occasion, my friend and I met a coach presumably coming back from The Folly.

Folly Lane is not a road built to take heavy vehicles, it can barely cope with cars.

Residents living on Medina Park should be afforded more consideration as this is their only means of getting to and from their homes.

Everybody on Medina Park is subject to council rates.

Surely the IW Council should look into how this lane is deteriorating and becoming a danger to all who use it.

Something needs to be done to make this lane serviceable for Medina Park residents and not for the state of the lane to impede on the way of life of residents.

It is disgraceful that in the 21st century people are having difficulty going about their everyday lives.