From Robert Woodward, East Cowes:

A couple of days ago I was discharged after almost a week of medical tests in the stroke unit of St Mary’s Hospital.

As I was able to move about within the ward I discovered, to my great surprise, it is decorated in all its corridors and many of its side rooms with some wonderful paintings.

They did much to aid my recovery and to make the general ambience of the department much more cheerful.

There is such a lot of brilliant artwork in the hospital it is sad only sick people or their visitors gets to see it.

I would like, therefore, to see some of it put on public view somewhere on a short-term basis, to show just what treasures the hospital owns, and used to perhaps raise some money for the hospital by making a small charge for public viewing.

Furthermore there is such a huge quantity the exhibition could be quite large without depriving very much the wonderful displays inside the hospital itself, and, what’s more, if an annual exhibition of hospital art were to be established, there is so much material available that this could easily develop into a popular fund-raising event.