COULD this be the most haunted pub on the Isle of Wight?

Shortly after buying The Star Inn, Wroxall, Toni, 27, and Terry Brennan, 31, were alarmed when a glass apparently fell from a shelf of its own accord.

The CCTV footage prompted a heated debate — could the pub really be haunted?

Now, further ghostly goings-on have been captured on film.

The latest CCTV footage shows a glass of Coke slowly inching towards the edge of a table before falling off, and another glass flying off a shelf.

Toni said regulars had warned them the pub was haunted.

She said: "It’s a bit unsettling considering we’re looking at moving in here in the new year. Whatever it is, it’s definitely got our attention.

"I don’t believe in ghosts but I don’t have another explanation, so I can’t write it off completely."

Take a look at the footage and let us know what you think. Could there be a rational explanation?