100 years ago

December 14, 1918

THE Island’s support for electoral candidate Capt Douglas Hall was growing.

The County Press described Capt Hall’s reception as like ‘pre-war enthusiasm’.

His main rival, Sir Godfrey Baring, had suffered over his support for Lloyd George.


Several Island soldiers returned home after being held as prisoners by German troops.

Many were never taken to Germany but held just behind enemy lines, forced to work. They were subject to very cruel treatment.

75 years ago

December 18, 1943

Three brothers from the Island had the good fortune of meeting in the Middle East.

The three sons of Mr and Mrs A. Wright, of Brading, were all serving in different branches of the forces when their paths crossed.

One was in the railway department, another in the Royal Navy and one in the Royal Marines.


An Island man caught and imprisoned in North Africa escaped home for Christmas.

Lt R. Rickett, of Freshwater, wrote: “I was about 100 miles away from British lines. I wanted to come home for Christmas so it was worth taking some extra risks. We stayed in caves and mountains and lay low when we saw Germans.

“We crossed the Sangro and Trigno rivers and then crossed British lines.”

50 years ago

December 7, 1968

Plessey Electronics group welcomed the Third Sea Lord and Controller of the Navy, Admiral Sir Horace Law.

He was given a demonstration of the AR-1 radar before visiting the 45ft satellite site, both used regularly by the Royal Navy.

The director of the Plessey site then discussed the future of naval technology with the admiral.


Twenty-five tons of hay and a stable block were destroyed in Ryde.

Firefighters from Ryde and Newport spent hours at the Upton Riding School damping down.

Julie Smy, who runs the school, said it was a double blow as the hay had been to feed her horses and was bought just a few weeks before after a similar amount was destroyed in a rick fire.

25 years ago

December 10, 1993

An Island couple’s selfless devotion to their son, Joe, won them Parents of the Year.

Paul and Lynne Baker moved to the IW to give their son, who has Down’s Syndrome, the best start.

They were presented with the national award by TV doctor Hilary Jones at a ceremony organised by Parents magazine.


An anonymous prankster delighted wheelchair-bound Jeana Full when she returned from a shopping trip.

During her two-hour absence, some unknown well-wisher had decorated her house and put a Christmas tree on the roof.

Her daughter, Fae Rendell, said her mum found it hilarious and it had really brightened her up.

10 years ago

December 12, 2008

Parents were alerted by health chiefs after pupils at two IW schools caught the norovirus.

Children at Lake Middle and Sandown High schools came down with the highly infectious bug.

The cases were investigated by environmental health officers.


A couple were angry about a huge increase in the cost of caring for their pet lemur.

Bob and Jean Horwood were hit by a £300 bill — up from £50 — from the IW Council for a ‘dangerous wild animal licence’.

Bob said: “It’s not like she’s a tiger. We’re not running a zoo.”