POLICE were called to a Bembridge biscuit protest last night (Wednesday).

Demonstrators outside the Bembridge parish office carried a giant inflatable digestive in protest at the treatment of a former parish councillor, who was rebuffed for trying to hand out unsolicited festive treats.

Local residents held a charity collection for tins of biscuits after Alexander Hopkinson-Wooley was turned away for trying to give staff a box of Mcvities last week.

Mr Hopkinson-Wooley later received a letter banning him from the office until April 1 and was told his biscuits would be returned to him.

During last night's council meeting, members of the public claimed they refused entry and said and a councillor inside called the police.

Resident Steve Pavey said: "On a happier note, Bembridge resident Madeleine Reeder delivered a large haul of tins of festive biscuits to Trevor Blaney of the Pop Up Soup Kitchen charity.

"They were gratefully received, and will be put to good use in helping to provide some help to a deserving cause."

Updated Friday 3.15pm

A police spokesperson saidL "We were called at 18:58pm on Wednesday December 12 to a group of people shouting outside a parish council meeting on Foreland
Road, Bembridge.

"Police attended and six to eight people were gathered,, but no no public order offences were identified.

"This was a dispute between councillors and parishioners. The log was closed at 19:46pm and no police action was required."