From Mr David Barnard, Newport:

Jonathan Young’s statement (CP Weekender, 23-11-18) “while in Scotland the ferries operate on fares which are a fraction of the Isle of Wight’s charges,” is somewhat economical on the truth.

Firstly, he is not comparing like with like. Very few, if any, of Scotland’s ferries operate anywhere near the service levels of those ferries crossing The Solent.

Secondly, he fails to mention the Scottish government pays quite significant subsidies to enable fares to be kept at an affordable price.

That said, I have a day return booking on December 17, for a car and four passengers travelling to the mainland for £39.50 return — that’s less than £5 per person each way.

A crossing from the Isle of Mull to Oban on the same day  a similar distance and journey time  would cost £55.60 return.