From Richard Peckham, Atherfield:

I AM fed up with people claiming that any particular form of Brexit is not what people voted for. The simple question on the ballot paper was to leave or remain. The complexities and subtleties that are now apparent were not known to the vast majority of us when we cast our vote.

I have met people who voted leave as they wanted to leave the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights,  which we will not (the European Court of Human Rights is nothing to do with the EU).

I have met people who voted leave because they had read in the paper that 1.5 million Turks were waiting to come to the UK. This was a completely fictitious story made up by one of the tabloids for reasons best known to themselves.

I have met many who thought we gave £350 million per week to the EU (which we don’t, even Nigel Farage the day after the vote admitted “that was not quite right”) and that this could be spent instead on the NHS (when in fact we are likely to have less money not more).

I have heard a lot of people saying they voted leave because the EU was run by the Germans (which it isn’t, Germany is just one of 28 member states).

David Davis, a prominent leave campaigner told us it would be the easiest negotiation ever and he could do it in an afternoon over a cup of tea with Mrs Merkel. His total ignorance has since been exposed.

We have also learned since the referendum how the Russians waged a cyber campaign to spread fear of immigrants and other anti-European propaganda. The Russians will be a clear winner from a weakened Europe (and UK).

The only way out of the mess we find ourselves in is to put the deal back to the people and give us the choice of leave with the negotiated deal, leave with no deal or remain in the EU. The so-called People’s Vote.