SINCE the new floating bridge arrived in May 2017, there have been multiple adjustments, modifications and re-jigs — but the latest has caught a commuter's eye.

The newest change to the cross-Medina service has seen the corner of the shoe, which the Isle of Wight Council spent £8,106 on in September, cut off.

The commuter, under the name @IsleOfWrite, tweeted: "The latest modification to the £3.5million floating bridge involves, er, cutting off a corner of its prow. How hard is it to design a ferry that fits?"

She also pointed out the damage to the wall on the slipway.

An Isle of Wight Council spokesperson said: "The corner of the shoe has been modified to prevent it from hitting the chain anchor point.

"After an incident that led to the damaged railings and wall last Thursday, arrangements are in place to straighten the railings and repair the stonework. "This should happen in the next few days."