TREES felled at Parkhurst Forest will be used to build boats, gates and even sea defences.

A number of oak and beech trees were felled over the autumn as part of the Forestry Commission's management of the site.

County Press reader George Chastney shared this picture of the timber stacked at the Noke Common end of the forest.

Ben Phelan, a local commission forester said: "Tree felling has an important role to play in managing the health of our forests and the habitats they support.

"By flooding more light onto the carpet of oak saplings on the forest floor we are supporting the next generation of trees.

"It also benefits plant and animal life, ensuring it can thrive and play its vital part in supporting these ancient woods."

The commission worked with Isle of Wight wildlife groups and surveys were carried out to check for protected species, such as bats and red squirrels, before the trees were felled.

The timber has since been sold at an annual hardwood auction, held in Cirencester, to the Isle of Wight's own Chessell Woodyard.

It will be used to build sea defences and boats, as well as gates and fence posts.