UNSOLICITED Christmas biscuits have furthered a row in Bembridge.

A former Bembridge parish councillor, who said he gave the box of chocolate biscuits to the current parish council as a Christmas gift, has had his biscuits returned to him and his ban from the parish council building prolonged.

Mr Alexander Hopkinson-Woolley turned up at the parish council building to pass the box of Mcvities on to the staff on Monday morning.

He said: "The full-time clerk said she did not want them but the others seemed quite pleased to receive them."

Mr Hopkinson-Woolley had previously been banned from e-mailing, calling and visiting the Parish Office due to 'vexatious' behaviour, which the parish council said included offensive comments and consistently disruptive behaviour.

After dropping off his Christmas gift, he received a letter from the parish council telling him he had been sanctioned for a further three months from contacting them.

It read: "Bembridge Parish Council informed you that you should immediately leave the premises. You refused to do so, giving an unsolicited box of biscuits to the admin assistant. These biscuits will be returned to you."

Mr Hopkinson-Woolley said: "I have not known before of Christmas gifts being considered vexatious. It is a great pity."