ISLE of Wight students have been congratulated on being the first to pass the level three Bikeability scheme.

The award shows the Y7 pupils at Medina College, Newport, can demonstrate safe cycling on busy roads and negotiate complex junctions and multi-lane traffic.

Tom Walker, Ethan Wright, John Shambrook and Josh Lovett successfully conquered some of the Island's more challenging roads and traffic situations — and passed with flying colours.

Josh said: "The course taught us how to make a left turn from a minor road on to a major road then left again onto another minor road, then we were taught how to filter on a busy road and how to cycle on Coppins Bridge safely.

"We can now do all of this when we cycle to school on the road. We cycle to school because it’s quicker, cheaper and more convenient than the bus. It also keeps us healthy."

Ross Edmunds, project manager of Shift It, which runs the course, said the boys passed with flying colours.

"I am so proud of their achievement in navigating some of the busiest roads on the Isle of Wight, with confidence.

"They already ride to school on a regular basis and this course has given them even more faith in their skills to safely travel on the road."

Jo Tuck, PE teacher and head of Y7 at Medina College, said: “The Shift It Team have been wonderful- working with students from across the Medina College Community. They’ve given our students the knowhow, skills and most importantly, the confidence to get on their bikes.”

The project is delivered on behalf of the council by Wight Cycle Training, under their ‘Shift It’ scheme, and is part of a wider programme of transport interventions being carried out over the next two years, using £1.35 million of funding from the Department for Transport.