A GROUP on the Isle of Wight dedicated to make the 'concrete tide' work for wildlife are to feature in BBC Countryfile this Sunday (December 9).

The team of ecologists and artists at Artecology are making the built environment work for local wildlife with projects that include artificial rockpools known as Vertipools at a Wightlink ferry port which bring flora and fauna to previously blank concrete walls.

The work of artists in the group is also featured in the programme which is being broadcast on BBC1 from 5.45pm.

Artecology design nature-based solutions to help bring biodiversity to the built environment including seawalls and piers, bridges, tunnels, river channels and roads.

The small, dedicated team combine art and science and design and manufacture with an industry and university research network, as well as public outreach and community regeneration.

The group's installations are designed to become functioning parts of the local ecosystem, bringing wildlife encounters into everyday places and adding natural resilience and protection to buildings and infrastructure, both marine and on the land.

They also combine structures with specialist planting, creating hotspots of wildlife activity.