ISLE of Wight MP Bob Seely said it was 'unfortunate' the government was last night (Tuesday) found in contempt of parliament, but reiterated his commitment to delivering Brexit.

Speaking in the debate yesterday, Mr Seely said to Theresa May: "It is unfortunate for government to be in contempt of parliament. Would she agree it is worse for parliament to be in contempt of the British people, which is what will happen if we do not deliver on Brexit?"

The Prime Minister replied: "I absolutely agree that it is the duty, I believe, of this parliament, it is the duty of us as politicians to deliver on the result of the vote that the British people gave in 2016 in the referendum.

"We gave them the choice, they voted to leave the EU and it is up to us to deliver."

A vote in the Commons last night found the government in contempt of parliament, after it had refused to publish the legal advice it had received on Brexit.

Ministers subsequently agreed to publish the advice in full.

MPs also backed calls for parliament to have a say on what happens next, if Mrs May's Brexit deal is rejected next week.

Mr Seely maintains he will support her deal.