EQUINE blogger Georgia Russell has been snapped up to star in a reality TV show.

Georgia, 24, who lives and works on the Isle of Wight, described the experience as 'the best most full-on experience' of her life.

She stars in The Omega Equine All Star Academy, which is being aired each Sunday at 9pm on Horse and Country TV, but is also available online, on Amazon Prime, Virgin, Apple TV and Roku.

Georgia describes the programme as a mix between The Apprentice and Pony Club, and although filming has now wrapped, she has been sworn to secrecy over whether or not she won.

She said: "I have ridden since before I can remember and have always loved being the centre of attention.

"A couple of years ago I had a big accident resulting in my leg shattering and my confidence vanishing. After a very long process I found myself back on a horse and haven't really looked back since.

"At the beginning of this year I started the blog Diary of a Dun, which follows the ups and downs of myself and my golden horse's journey.

"It's super relatable, not just to equestrians, but to everyone really. I talk about real life, struggles, achievements and my ongoing battle with confidence."

Getting back in the saddle led Georgia to apply for auditions in July.

She enjoyed the challenges set on the programme, under the watchful eye of the judges, including Harry Meade, Geoff Billington and Alan Davies.

Georgia said: "Challenges included turnout, anatomy, intelligent horsemanship and rider fitness. We headed up to the Talland School of Equitation in Gloucester on September 25, and although I was expecting it to be full-on, it really was the best most full-on experience of my life.

"I also made some lifelong friends while on the show, and as the show also had some amazing sponsors we received a massive goodie bundle from them all."

Find Georgia's page on Facebook at Diary of a Dun.