POPULAR Yarmouth publicans Shaun and Kathryn Rayner have put The Wheatsheaf leasehold up for sale.

The couple have been in charge of the pub for 11 years and recently decided not to renew their lease on another town pub, The King's Head, which they have run for the last two years.

Shaun said: "We have put The Wheatsheaf lease up for sale for personal reasons.

"We want to move on and concentrate on our outside catering business 'Fat Shaun's'. We still have more than three years left on this lease.

"This is a completely different situation to the King's Head. Both leases are with Enterprise Inns but The Wheatsheaf is an old Whitbread lease and is completely different.

"We have decided not to renew the King's Head lease, and this will close on January 2, unless someone takes it over.

"The Wheatsheaf will continue to trade. We have a new winter menu, a Christmas menu, lots of bookings and lots planned over the next few months.

"We will continue with our themed disco nights in January and we have our fantastic 'Titanic Night' for later in that month, which is almost fully booked.

"Everything will carry on, including the popular Sunday night quiz, which will move here from the King's Head.

"In the end, we decided the 'Fat Shaun's' outside catering was going from strength to strength and that's what we want to concentrate on now.

"We have had some fantastic times here, and will continue to do so, but we will just see if someone wants to take the pub on from us. Nothing has been settled."

An EI spokesperson said: "As far as we understand it, the publican is looking at his options and one of these is that he has requested permission to assign the lease.

"He is talking to an agent regarding valuation and marketing of the pub."