MORE than two-and-a-half tonnes of carbon emissions have been saved as more tourists travel by bus.

Now in its second year, the key card scheme for accommodation providers has encouraged Isle of Wight visitors to ditch the car in favour of a greener mode of transport.

Approximately 1,200 car trips have been replaced by bus journeys as a result of the scheme, run by Visit Isle of Wight and Southern Vectis.

Visitor travel project manager Nicola Rogers said: "The key card scheme is a way to encourage visitors to experience the buses on the Island, it’s a way to reduce carbon emissions and ultimately remind people they don’t need to bring their car.

"It’s a win-win for everyone. It works for the bus company because they get more passengers, it works for us in terms of promoting that sustainable travel message and it works for the hoteliers and accommodation providers because they can offer their guests the key card free of charge and so guests see that as an added incentive to come.

"Tourists are much more aware of sustainability in general and I think they’re much more conscious of being able to visit different places in a sustainable way. So as well as having the environmental impact it also helps us to bring people to the Island knowing they can do that and they can take part in those activities."