From Malcolm & Avril Turner, Totland Bay:

We are most concerned that our MP Bob Seely feels ‘the interests of the Isle of Wight constituency will be well served by the Brexit secured by this deal’ (CP 16-11-18) and is supporting the Prime Minister.

Most people do not know exactly what this deal is or exactly what the 585-page Draft Withdrawal Agreement produced by the EU contains. 

It is full of references to references and not written in a way that most of us could decipher. 

Fortunately for us, the European Research Group (ERG) has made a precis of this document, which  makes it very clear this Brexit, proposed in the PM’s document, is far from the Brexit voted for in the 2016 Referendum and by 62 per cent of the IW constituents. 

It is not a clean break from the jurisdiction of the EU and leaves us half in and half out of the European Union. We will be handing the EU vast sums of money with nothing guaranteed in return.

It will create internal borders within the UK and the EU will be in control of the agreement with large areas of EU law directly effective in the UK. 

We will become a vassal state with no right to determine our own future.  The ERG document can be found online, together with another very interesting article which explains the EU draft withdrawal agreement is also in breach of international human rights conventions.

It is not right this Remain Prime Minister, who has vowed to honour a full Brexit to the electorate, should now concede our sovereignty to the EU. 

It is time for the Conservative MPs to rise up and be counted by the electorate, the majority of whom voted to leave.

At best the PM needs to listen to the majority of our country.