From Mr John Calloway, Ventnor:

I would like to point out the disgusting state of the Ventnor High Street, plus all other town thoroughfares, that people’s ignorance and lack of a proper street sweeper have caused.

Food and other consumer containers, food also and half-spent cigarettes seem ankle high in gutters and corners.

At least seven years have passed and the townsfolk have endured this pathetic and pitiful environment because our ecological council policy decides to spend its money on destroying Morris/Oyster dancers’ facilities (Spyglass Inn car park, west to adjacent downs).

I refer to the four poles in the ground set there for the harvest celebration dances — like maypoles, and a perfectly good skateboard park to the east of the promenade, demolished only because there was an internal argument about letting a perfectly good local artist finish decorating the structure, a man of 65 and offering to do more of his own work (mandala patterns) free of charge.

Thirdly, it would be very interesting for everyone to learn what kind of enterprising building work is going on on top of St Boniface Down; who in this day and age has money to misdirect everything that seems to be happening?