From D. G. Crouch, Totland:

Before the Isle of Wight Council embarks on disaster number six, may a local yokel make the following points:

Coppins Bridge — the pedestrian crossing should be replaced with an underpass (subway), (from either side outside the opticians at the bottom of the High Street or from below County Hall) down to the river, then a bridge across and a second subway up into the car park. The basic rule is, once on a roundabout you should not be stopped from driving off.

Forest Road — the proposed pedestrian crossing needs to be another subway, as traffic will back up Forest Road past Hunnyhill school. Argyll Road and Hampshire Crescent will need yellow box junctions.

St Mary’s Hospital  — the entrance needs to be a roundabout so that on leaving the hospital, Cowes traffic can turn right.

Slip road — a road from the bottom of Horsebridge Hill to lower St Cross. This would take traffic to the industrial estates and alleviate the Forest Road/Cowes Road junction.