From Lewis Daniels, Cowes:

I am a Jack Russel terrier.

I am 12 years old and of a nervous disposition and please could you tell me why they, whoever they are, have kept scaring the wits out of me every evening for the past week?

Since Halloween and the day before that firweorks have been let off. I get so scared I sometimes wet myself in my bed.

My parents try too look after me during the bangs and whistles but once it starts I am waiting for the next one to go off .

I can understand firework night but why do they insist on letting them off every night

Surely these inconsiderate folk would find it cheaper to go to an organised display, out of most animals’ earshot?

Since when has it become an excuse for letting off fireworks virtually every time there is some sort of celebration?

I hope you print my letter as all my doggy friends suffer as much as I do this time of the year.