From Brenda Wilkins, ex-chairman, Isle of Wight Group of Advanced Motorists, Shanklin:

How fed up I am with elderly drivers on the Isle of Wight.

We seem to have more than our fair share of them, I’m getting that way myself but — and it is a big but — when I can’t walk easily, I will pack up driving.

I realise that if I can’t walk easily, then I can’t brake easily, therefore I could hit someone and kill them.

Either a child or an older person, you know the ones, hold the cane in the air and step off the curb.

No, cars can’t stop immediately so why take your life in your hands.

If you can’t get out of your car without holding on, or can’t walk without holding on, you should not be driving.

The money you would save by not driving, you could take a taxi. Think!

Your freedom to drive could mean someone else’s freedom to die.

Think about it.