From Anita Cameron-Smith, Wootton:

I am writing to express my disappointment at the way Cllr Clare Mosdell has misrepresented the Isle of Wight Council’s Local Area Co-ordination (LAC) programme (CP, 26-10-18).

Cllr Mosdell clearly has not taken the time to understand the evidence of how effective this programme within her portfolio is — even though she has spoken at national events about the successes of this approach on the Island.

This programme supports the most vulnerable in our communities and while supporting people to “get a life, not a service” they are also making huge savings for the health and care system. This has been born out in a recent independent evaluation of the programme on the Island, which included cost benefit analysis. I suggest Cllr Mosdell takes time to read this.

I am afraid this is typical of the IW leadership more broadly, they are renowned for having a plethora of strategies and plans with numerous and expensive meetings, but when it comes to front-line services that are making a difference they are happy to cut regardless of the consequences for Island people.