A NEW clinic has been set up in Cowes to support people with fibromyalgia, a long term condition that causes pain all over the body.

Dr Gary Lee, a consultant clinical health psychologist and who is well regarded for his work on the Isle of Wight, has set up The Future Clinic to support people with the condition.

His vision of a clinic has encouraged a group of experienced health care professionals to join his team. Dr Michael Luckmann, Dr Michelle Hall, Lucy Cowans, Alison Griffiths, Julia Park-Winder, and postgraduate research student Millie Pottle will form a diverse and very skilled group.

Gary is also developing a research arm to the clinic linked with two major universities with the first research project looking at the prevalence of lyme disease in those diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Sixty-five people attended the launch of the new clinic at Quay Arts, Newport on Wednesday.

Gary said: "I believe that if we can find a genuine understanding of fibromyalgia we will open the door to understanding many other conditions. In order to do this we need to bring a broad clinical approach and draw on a wide range of sciences. Our approach scans from the molecular to the spiritual and this diversity is reflected in our team."

The Future Clinic aims to bring all these strands together, delivered with the simple human qualities of kindness, curiosity, creativity and a spirit of collaboration. The clinic is now a group like minded clinicians with different background, but with the same passion.

Further details about the Future Clinic will be published on the website: www.thefutureclinic.com