THERE is a tribute show planned to celebrate the life of legendary Island musician Pete Hogan, who died in December last year.

The idea came from two of his greatest local fans, Dave and Jan Quinn, who are promoting the show. It will be held at Strings, Newport, on Saturday, November 10, and many musicians from the Island and mainland have already agreed to take part.

Brian Sharpe, who played with Pete for around 20 years in Hoggie and the Sharpetones, has revealed there are plans on the night to recreate the sounds of several of Pete's former bands and many of the musicians appearing are keen to do this.

Gill Hogman, Pete's widow, will be performing at the gig with several of the musicians who played in her late husband's bands. Gill and Pete moved to the Island in 1987. They first lived at Bembridge before moving to Ryde. They quickly got into the Island's local music scene and made such an impact. Pete's life changed for ever when he walked into the Welsh Heart Folk Club, in Edgware, and saw Gill Tibbles performing. They eventually married and were together for 45 years.

Prior to moving to the Island, Pete had enjoyed a very successful career in music. Rod Stewart saw him playing harmonica at a Ban The Bomb march and was impressed. He was leaving Jimmy Powell and the Five Dimensions and suggested he attended the auditions to find his replacement. Pete sat in for one number and joined the group as a full time musician.

For a while Pete also became a session musician and played harmonica on two huge hit records, Millie's My Boy Lollipop and PJ Proby's Hold Me. After Jimmy Powell left the group they continued as the Five Dimensions and Pete did more of the singing. They also backed Chuck Berry on his 1965 British tour. He recorded an album called Chuck Berry In London and Pete played harmonica on it.

When I interviewed Pete for the CP in 1999 he told me: "Chuck wanted me to go back to America with him. I didn't like flying so I turned him down. I now realise I shouldn't have done that. Mind you, I would never have met my lovely wife Gill."

At A Life In Music, the tribute night to Pete, among the musicians playing will be John Newman, Dave Godby, Rick Stokes, Keith Newnham, Lyn Keen, Nigel Pugh, Dick Taylor, Phil Chase, Glyn Taylor, Martin White, Mark Foley, Jake Rodriguez and Phil Beale. Others, who have gigs that night, will hope to join later in the evening. The proceeds will go to three charities, the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and the Orangutan Appeal UK.

Tickets are available at £5 from