ALL around East Cowes, the men who died during the First World War are being honoured in posters on the roads where they lived.

Members of East Cowes Heritage Centre have worked hard to create information sheets relating to the soldiers and sailors, and have placed them at each end of 28 roads in the town.

On each is a list of the men from that street who died during WWI, and some information about them. Some include photographs.

It is the culmination of the efforts of Jenny Kendal, who over the last four years has researched all the East Cowes men who died serving their country.

An exhibition at the heritage centre shows some of them, and there are three files full of information on the subject.

Opening times are Monday to Saturday, 10am to 1pm, and Wednesdays until 4pm.

Take a walk around the town this week to learn about those who gave their lives during the war.