From Sue Birch, chair, Brading Residents Association:

I am deeply concerned at proposed cutting of the local co-ordinators’ (LC) service.

From my experience working within the community, I have found this service to be of the upmost importance.

This service has become a lifeline to many, because of LCs’ knowledge of what services and support are available. Many people do not have access to this type of information. The co-ordinators fill this gap. So what happens when this gap is closed? It will impact on other services. Recently I met a LC who is helping set up a regular crochet meeting at the Old School cafe in Brading. Activities like these are so important, they get residents out of their homes and mixing. These can be people living on their own, who sometimes see no one.

Is this new venture now at risk? Will these residents now be denied the chance of improving their lives and of having somewhere to visit and make friends? This, of course, is just one example of which I am aware; there will be many more.

I request Isle of Wight councillors do not support the demise of this treasured service. With due respect, I am afraid those making the decision are probably living in a relationship and do not totally understand the problems of isolation. Loneliness is a killer and  is well documented. 

There is nothing worse than being alone, with no one to talk to when you need to.

Solve this problem and you reduce all the pressures on other services — this is why the LCs are so important.

We appreciate it is all about money but the new build and development at The Heights is astronomically expensive and will only benefit the minority of IW residents.

Then there is the money given to a poo museum — say no more, please get the priorities right!