From David Cassell, chairman IWBKA, Brading:

The IW beekeepers are grateful for the article on the Asian hornet (CP, 19-10-18). If this creature were to establish in this country it would devastate the populations of honeybees and other pollinators, including bumble bees and dragonflies.

French beekeepers are reporting huge colony losses where the hornet is making ground. It has already made inroads into the Channel Islands with devastating attacks to bee hives.

It is important the public is aware of this creature and the damage it can cause. Thankfully, Britain, being an island, restricts their passage although some nests have been found. The IW is an area that is vulnerable due to its location near to ports and shipping from abroad.

IW beekeepers are leaving hornet traps near bee colonies in an attempt to locate any possible hornets that make their way here.

The beekeepers’ annual honey show is being held in Cowes Social Club, Park Road, Cowes, on November 3 from 2 pm, and an Asian hornet preserved in resin will be on display.

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