A NEW team has been appointed to head up the Friends of Northwood Cemetery.

At last month's AGM, a new constitution was unanimously adopted appointing a president and vice presidents at the Isle of Wight charity — posts that were filled at a subsequent board meeting.

Elected as the Friends of Northwood Cemetery’s (FoNC's) first president was founder and former chair Jon Matthews.

The two year appointment reflects his time and effort at the charity during the past ten years.

His new role will include promoting the FoNC nationally and internationally, leaving the day-to-day management of its activities to the board of trustees, led by re-elected chairman Peter Almond.

Elected as lifelong honorary vice presidents were Geoff Banks, Graham Lloyd and Lora Peacey-Wilcox.

As the former Cowes mayor, Mr Banks chaired the inaugural meeting of the Friends of Northwood Cemetery in 2008 — and he has since supported the charity and offered advice on building issues. It was his building firm, G J Banks, that won the tender to restore the two chapels in 2014.

Mr Lloyd was the former owner of funeral director F L Lloyd and previously an FoNC trustee.

IW Council chair Cllr Peacey-Wilcox, also a former Cowes mayor, was the first FoNC chair, She brings a passion for the wellbeing of the cemetery and, as a local girl, has enjoyed its tranquillity since her childhood.